Zelda, Artist John Emmett

At a contemporary art gallery, I once saw two paintings that were exactly alike. Further inspection revealed they were by different people, but from the same university.

I understand that my art is a result of every influence in my life. For this reason, I must be careful who or what influences me.

A spiritual lifestyle can make a difference. On a practical level, I would never think of taking instruction from anyone.

To change your art is to lose your authenticity. Being yourself is the key.

Your level of creativity is ultimately determined by who you are, not what a teacher can do for you. Attending art school will not change this.

Art should be honest and up-to-date. Similarly, you cannot copy or reflect purely another's style since each fingerprint is different, and so is your art.

A teacher told his daughter he was going to teach people how to draw. 'You mean they forgot?' she asked.